Migration Promo Terms & Conditions

  1. Get 2 Months free hosting from DataKL, we will issue invoice at the end of trial period

  2. Offer valid for cPanel control panel web site only

  3. Offer valid for web site with content - existing active web site

  4. Offer valid for shared linux packages hosting only excluding premium packages.

  5. Make sure you have access to domain control panel to set nameservers.

  6. Failure to change nameservers or to point to our services in 3 days after migration -will be considered unsuccessful migration and account will be removed.

  7. There will be downtime due to nameservers changes (minimal) please schedule migration during off peak hours

  8. Please note that you will need to leave your account active with your existing hosting provider until your account is completely transferred to DataKL and your domain is pointed to our services.

  9. While we shall try our best to transfer your account successfully with due care, we do not take any responsibility whatsoever form for any possible loss or damage to your web content, database or emails. It is highly recommended that the customer retain a local backup of all services, including web content, email, databases, etc. Please note that the account transfer service being provided to you is complimentary and only out of courtesy and does NOT carry any sort of responsibility to DataKL in whatsoever form.

    Under following circumstances your account transfer guarantee cannot be given:

    • If the website uses a different database version.
    • If the website uses a different server setup than the one we have with us
    • If the server of the previous host continuously experiences time outs during the transfer.
    • If the server of the previous host disable backup feature.
    • If the server of the previous host has very limited bandwidth.
  10. Please note that this may take around 72 hours time for your account transfer to take place.

  11. Free offer does not cover domain transfer fee if you choose to migrate your domain or switch invoicing party.

  12. DataKL reserves the right to refuse any account transfer request at its sole discretion.