We have an open peering policy. We will generally peer with anyone who wants to and is connected to any or all of the Internet exchanges stated below. We want to provide our customers with optimal connectivity at all times. Therefore, we may initiate peering request at these exchanges.

Peering Policy AS138359

ASN : 138359
Policy : OPEN
MD5 : Optional
Email : support@datakl.com, dc@datakl.com
Peering Locations IXs : MYIX, DE-CIX-JBIX, - Malaysia
Peering Locations DC : CJ1, MYTELEHAUS - Cyberjaya, Malaysia
The following technical requirements also apply to peering with DataKL Peers must:
  1. Have a publicly routed ASN.
  2. Not point a default route or use static routes to send traffic to our AS.
  3. Only send traffic destined for prefixes announced by DataKL
  4. Register prefixes with appropriate route/route6 objects at an appropriate IRRDB/IRR APNIC, and maintain a full and accurate PeeringDB listing. We will use IRR record to data to build BGP prefix lists.
  5. To only announce prefixes that are legitimately assigned to your network or your customers.
  6. We prefer to peer preferably using both protocols (IPv4 and IPv6)
To ensure the quality of operations, DataKL has the rights
  1. To withdraw our prefixes or pause peering session without notice, in the event of a severe quality of service issue such as high latency, packet loss, route flapping and DDOS.